Operational Support Unit

The Operational Support Unit (OSU) is a multi-facetted unit whose primary role is to facilitate or support efforts to reduce mass marketing fraud and identity crimes. This is done by assessing the information gathered by the CAFC intake center in order to determine the most effective mitigation strategy. This includes: developing intelligence and investigative packages; preparing fraud prevention and awareness messaging; and advancing alternative measures for fraud reduction.

The CAFC’s Operational Support Unit (OSU) is divided into three components:

  1. Intelligence
  2. Disruption
  3. Prevention and Education


OSU Analysts are responsible for collecting, collating, analyzing information gathered by the CAFC’s intake centre in order to increase the understanding of Mass Marketing Fraud (MMF). More specifically, the intelligence function prepares and disseminates intelligence briefs; investigative packages; statistical packages; and complaint information to the police of jurisdiction and/or existing partnerships and taskforces in Canada which are actively investigating MMF.


Canadian financial institutions, telephone providers, internet service providers, email providers, intellectual property holders and mail or delivery agencies; all have a vested interest in protecting Canadians from crimes that abuse their services and good names.

The CAFC has developed alternative measures that reduce the impact of MMF on Canada’s global economy. By working with these private and public sector partners, the CAFC has been able to strategically target and limit the criminals’ ability to communicate with intended victims and their ability to receive and launder victim funds.

Private and public sector partnerships assist in the reduction of victimization, the development of intelligence, and the disruption of criminal activities.

Prevention and Education

Prevention is often understood as the most effective way to reduce MMF and other financial motivated crimes. One of the CAFC’s goals is to make Canada the most educated country when it comes to scams and frauds.

In order to accomplish this, the OSU along with the CAFC SeniorBusters program, organizes and participates in numerous fraud awareness campaigns. This includes conducting webinars and presentations; maintaining Twitter and Facebook accounts; and actively engaging Canadian media outlets to spread the key fraud prevention messages.