March is Fraud Prevention Month


During March, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (CAFC) wants you to know more about the different scams fraudsters use to steal money or identities. Each day, social media posts will be issued with information about a different scam. Share our tweets and Facebook posts with your friends and family, and talk about these scams. The more you know about a specific scam, the less likely you are to be a victim.

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Specific segments of the population are often targeted by fraudsters, such as small businesses, senior and students.


March 7: #dontbfooled twitter chat/event
March 9: #2g2bt twitter chat
March 31: #WhatTheFraud twitter event

Scams of the day

Week 1: March 1-3

Week 2: March 6-10

Week 3: March 13-17

Week 4: March 20-24

Week 5: March 27-31


Toolkits have been produced for organizations that support students, businesses and seniors. If you would like a toolkit, email us and include which toolkit you want in your subject line: students, businesses or seniors.


If you or a family member has been a victim, report it to your local police and the CAFC. The CAFC does not conduct investigations but provides valuable assistance to law enforcement agencies all over the world by identifying connections among seemingly unrelated cases. Your information may provide the piece that completes the puzzle.

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