Crypto investment scams – how do they work

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The romance fraudster

The friend impersonator

The business opportunity

The phishing ads

Warning signs

Protect yourself against cryptocurrency scams

  1. Research carefully before making a crypto investment. Choose a reputable service
  2. Be careful when sending cryptocurrency. Once the transaction is completed you will be unable to recall it
  3. If you receive an investment opportunity from a friend, confirm that the message really came from them.
  4. Be wary of individuals met on dating apps or social media who attempt to convince you to invest in cryptocurrencies
  5. Beware of unsolicited requests encouraging you to open and fund new crypto accounts. They will direct you to wallets controlled by criminals
  6. Prior to investing, research the team behind the offer and analyse the project
  7. Be clear on the conditions of your purchase and cryptocurrency ownership
  8. Keep it to yourself. If you buy cryptocurrency, do not announce it on social media as it might attract the criminals' attention
  9. If you become a victim, report it to your national police
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